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Remove the cost and effort of building and maintaining an STP connection with the ATO.

With a connection to MessageXchange, comply easily and securely for Single Touch Payroll.

Send STP messages with employee salary, PAYG, superannuation information and more to the ATO from your existing software.

With a secure connection to your existing software, we’ll manage the compliance, security (ISO 27001) and ebMS 3.0 AS4 connection with the ATO.

Your Gateway is setup quickly and easily via simple configuration on MessageXchange, which allows you to add new message types as they’re needed. And if required, MessageXchange can map your software’s native file to the STP XML.

Our cloud service offers the flexibility of managing your Gateway through our secure web-based portal where you can see:

  • Real-time monitoring of your messages
  • Reports that are fully configurable to provide detailed business intelligence
  • Fault diagnosis and error management
  • Service level feedback

Our services give you the flexibility to add other Standard Business Reporting (SBR2) messages, including:

  • SuperStream
  • SuperTICK (STIC)
  • Fund Validation Service (FVS)
  • Super Match (SMAT)
  • and more.

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STP - Payroll event (ATO)

26-12-2017 V PAYEVNT.0002.2017

STP - Payroll event (ATO)

11-10-2018 V PAYEVNT.0003.2018

STP - Third party integrators (ATO)

26-12-2017 V N/A

STP - Sending Service Provider (ATO)

11-10-2018 V N/A