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Ozedi STP Conformance Status

Ozedi is whitelisted for Single Touch Payroll and has, in partnership with a DSP, been sending STP employer data to the ATO since July 2017, Since 10th May 2018 Ozedi has been bringing an ever-increasing number of Payroll Software providers and their clients into STP for PAYEVENT3.

Functionality Implementation Date
STP - Sending Service Provider - Portal In production
STP - Sending Service Provider – API (Machine – Machine) In production
STP - Transformation Service Provider In production
STP - ebMS 3.0 AS4 Client Provider In production
STP - ebMS 3.0 AS4 Server Provider In production

Operational Framework Status

The Operational Framework final documentation has been released and Ozedi has ATO conditional approval for risk rating level 4 (highest) subject only to provision of one minor piece of documentation. The current status is:

  • Final documentation for ATO and approved
  • ISO 27001 audit report delivered to Ozedi in December 2017
  • Annual SuperStream ISR audit completed December 2017
  • Audit and certification of infrastructure for iRAP has begun and completion is expected by September 2018
  • Work is underway to develop a program to help our DSP partners meet the Operational Framework and ISO 27001 requirements

Ozedi: the company

Ozedi Holdings Pty Ltd is a private company and is 100% Australian owned. Ozedi was established with a vision of providing to the software industry a single solution which would deal with all messaging and data interchange requirements. The initial scope included SuperStream, Standard Business Reporting (SBR)and e-invoicing. The SBR offerings have been expanded to include Single Touch Payroll.

Ozedi has been operating as a SuperStream gateway since 2013 and has a significant share of the employer superannuation contribution marketplace.

Ozedi STP Solutions

Ozedi has a complete range of solutions for Single Touch Payroll and has been in production since July 2017 as part of the ATO early release program for STP. The Ozedi solutions suit large and small payroll software providers and work with Cloud and Desktop solutions. The Ozedi STP solutions include:

  • On-premise or desktop installation
  • Ozedi’s hub-based solution in our private cloud
  • Whiteboxed portal solutions

These options allow a DSP’s clients to connect directly to the ATO or else leave the ATO connection, messaging and response tasks to Ozedi.

One of the features which has encouraged many DSPs to adopt the Ozedi solutions for Single Touch Payroll is our handling of response messages from the ATO - these can take up to 72 hours to be returned from the ATO and require the development of complex polling algorithms to retrieve responses. Ozedi provides a solution which deals with the STP responses efficiently and securely.

Ozedi Pricing

Pricing for all Ozedi solutions is based on data usage rather than transactions. Ozedi has a variety of commercial arrangements where the DSP pays Ozedi and charges its clients or Ozedi will charge the DSP’s clients directly. Rebates and discounts are available for DSPs.

The vast majority of employers are going to be sending a very small file to the ATO weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Given the low volume nature of this service, we have endeavoured to minimise the cost of STP for employers and DSPs. For larger employers the cost will be as low as 1 cent per employee per payrun; for very small employers the cost will be as low as $1.50 per payrun including GST. Full pricing details are at STP pricing.

With Ozedi there are no lock-in contracts, no set-up fees and no minimum monthly fees. You pay for data usage in advance with no expiry date on unused data.

Ozedi Security

Ozedi has been committed to the highest level of security since beginning operations as a SuperStream gateway. Ozedi:

  • Has just completed the annual SuperStream security audit
  • Is in the process of having all of our infrastructure certified for iRAP
  • Has payload encryption ready to implement as soon as the ATO can receive encrypted data payloads
  • Has been very involved in the consultation process around the Operational Framework

Payroll data is highly sensitive and Ozedi provides maximum security for our clients.

Ozedi Reliability

Ozedi has designed and built infrastructure to ensure maximum availability. Our primary servers are located in Sydney, with active replication to Canberra and backup sites in Melbourne and Perth. Our infrastructure design means we exceed even the stringent requirements of the Gateway Network Governance Body and the Digital Business Council.

Ozedi is a one-stop shop

Ozedi provides a range of services which all use the same technology stack and include:

  • General SBR2 services
  • E-invoicing - Ozedi has registered for the pilot program of the e-invoicing services under the Digital Business Council framework
  • SuperStream
  • Single Touch Payroll


STP - Payroll event (ATO)

18-12-2017 V PAYEVNT.0002.2017

STP - Payroll event (ATO)

14-04-2018 V PAYEVNT.0003.2018

STP - Third party integrators (ATO)

18-12-2017 V N/A

STP - Sending Service Provider (ATO)

19-05-2018 V N/A