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Built for the cloud and mobile devices, TechnologyOne Human Resource & Payroll delivers a complete solution for all your people management needs.

Our suite covers everything from recruitment, performance management, employee self service and training to payroll, time collection, business intelligence and process automation.

TechnologyOne Human Resource & Payroll integrates with other organisational systems including TechnologyOne Financials and Asset Management. This enables real-time business analysis and reporting, which allows managers to make informed decisions quickly.


Pay as you go withholding payment summary annual report (ATO)

04-01-2018 V 12.0.1

Pay as you go withholding self print payment summary specification (ATO)

04-01-2018 V 5.3.0

STP - Developing for Single Touch Payroll (ATO)

04-01-2018 V N/A

Tax File Number declaration electronic reporting (ATO)

04-01-2018 V 3.0.0


“By automating the process, we now do our payroll in two days, cut down from six days previously. We also have just one payroll person to process this, whereas in the past we had two people working full time to crunch the numbers and enter data." Peter Drummond, Manager of People and Culture, GWMWater

“We’ve just recently started rolling out [TechnologyOne] Ci Anywhere for Employee Self Service, which will enable employees to manage their leave, details and pay from their mobile devices. The benefit of this will be removing the paper trail. Rather than filling out paper forms or timesheets to give to the payroll officer, employees can submit that information straight into the system, from anywhere on their smart phones." John van Nieuwkerk, Manager Information, Corangamite Shire Council

“TechnologyOne offers a completely integrated software solution. Our payroll system is now integrated with our project works ledgers and Financials, which allows us to view hours spent against budgeted figures. This is something we weren’t able to do beforehand, because the separate systems made it too complex.” James Hegerty, Systems Accountant, TEAM Engineering Services