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Integrating with the ATO is complex, expensive and resource intensive. Our  expertise in developing messaging services with the ATO is the reason why so many Payroll companies are electing to use SuperChoice.

Ask us how we can help you get STP compliant and meet your messaging requirements

Award winning ebusiness services 

Whether you are looking to streamline reporting through an API solution or utilise our Award-Winning Web Portal to upload your payroll events, SuperChoice can provide the right solution to meet your obligations.

About SuperChoice Services Pty Ltd

SuperChoice Services is a 100% Australian owned private company and a subsidary of CPS Industry Networks.

SuperChoice is a specialist in the provision of end-2-end ebusiness services that will simplify how you embed 'digital' messaging processes within your product. 

SuperChoice has undertaken hundred of integrations with super funds, banks, payroll providers and the ATO.  Giving you confidence that you are dealing with an experienced messaging partner.

The provision of services to employers is a competitive environment – the SuperChoice philosophy is to deliver back-office technical capability to payroll providers where shared service arrangements are appropriate.

This means you can spend your time and money differentiating your product from competitors where it matters most.

SuperChoice takes pride in our award wining micro-service infrastructure that has been developed with efficiency and security in mind. We take security of our systems seriously and actively invest in reviews and audits that surpass the requirements of the Gateway Network Governance Body and the recently announced certification requirements of the ATO's Operational Framework.

SuperChoice provides:

- secure, cloud based services (located in Australia)

- service availability of 99.5% 

- 24/7 online fault management

- access to technical support within our client service team 

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Operational Framework update

Although the final version of the ATO's Operational Framework has yet to be released it is clear that large scale digital providers like SuperChoice will be required to undertake the following: 

  • Independent audit assessment (ISO 27001)
  • Implement full data encryption (in-transit and at-rest)
  • Implement multi-factor credential solution – including integration with trusted digital identity credential
  • Implement supply chain visibility

SuperChoice is committed to delivering on these initiatives and has commenced activities to meet certain Operational Framework outcomes. 

The ATO has provided interim approval of our solutions while the Operational Framework timelines are being finalised.

Our products

ebMS3 AS4 (SBR2) Gateway

The SuperChoice Gateway supports all your messaging requirements for both B2B (SuperStream, eInvoicing) and B2G (STP) interactions.

Integrating with our Gateway is simple and supports how you want to interact - whether via an API or using our portal. 

The SuperChoice gateway meets all compliance and security requirements. 

SuperChoice manages all integration with the ATO, and insulates the client from any ATO planned or unplanned outages.

Single Touch Payroll

SuperChoice's STP solution removes cost, complexity and uncertainty involved in building your own SBR2 compliant messaging solution. SuperChoice acts as the interface for all STP-related messages to and from the ATO.

SBR2 messaging does not provide your solution with a competitive advantage 

Benefit from the scale of transaction processing that comes with using the same solution that underpins many of the major payroll solutions. 

SuperChoice STP solution supports API or portal interactions. We can also transform CSV file formats into XML for delivery to the ATO.

SuperChoice STP solutions are flexible and able to support small individual employers all the way through to payrolls with many thousands of employers. Our solutions work with on-premise and cloud networks.

SuperChoice has processes that can deliver response messages back to the source payroll through an API or alternatively SuperChoice can host any responses in our portal and alert employers.


SuperChoice's SuperStream solution simplifies how superannuation processing occurs using either API or portal interactions.

The following SuperStream compliant solutions are in production:

- Messaging : Rollovers & Contributions

- Web services : SuperTICK / employerTICK; Fund Validation Service

Our pricing

SuperChoice works with providers to develop a pricing structure that reflects the current pricing arrangements that you work with.

We are flexible in implementing pricing options for wholesale (ie DSPs) or retail (ie individual employers).




ATO SBR ebMS3 integrators (ATO)

02-02-2018 V 1.0.0

STP - Payroll event (ATO)

17-04-2018 V PAYEVNT.0003.2018

STP - Third party integrators (ATO)

02-02-2018 V N/A

Superannuation matching request (ATO)

02-02-2018 V 4.0.2

STP - Sending Service Provider (ATO)

01-06-2018 V N/A