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HR3 is one of Australia's leading providers of employee management solutions. HR3's payroll, hr (Human Resources), and whs (Workplace Health & Safety) software is designed, developed and supported in Australia, specifically for Australian businesses. The HR3 software suite is a fully integrated solution that can be deployed either on-premise or via the cloud. Being fully integrated means your Payroll, HR and WHS information is kept in the one system with no data integration issues.

Payroll Management

HR3’s payroll is among the best value for money, user-friendly and technologically advanced applications available.

HR3 has been developing payroll software in Australia since 1984. In that time we’ve helped thousands of Australian companies manage their payroll and taxation requirements. 

HR3's payroll software is particularly suited to solving complex payroll processing problems via its unique and extensible design. Whether you have 20 employees or 10,000 employees, you can be confident that HR3 payroll can scale to suit your requirements. 

HR3 has a commitment to our customers to ensure that our software is compliant with relevant government legislative requirements. To meet that commitment HR3 is continually working with various state and federal government agencies such as the Software Industry Partnership Office (SIPO)  within the ATO. HR3, is also a member of the Australian Business Software Industry Association (ABSIA) and together we work to provide input and feedback on government policy initiatives that have the potential to have an impact on our customers. An example is the 'Single Touch Payroll' (STP) government initiative that has the potential to dramatically change the way that employers interact with the ATO.

HR3 is also a member of various industry bodies such as The Association of Payroll Specialists (TAPS) and the Australian Human Resource Institute (AHRI).

Kiosk - Employee and Manager Self Service

The HR3 kiosk is a comprehensive business productivity tool that enhances both business and employee productivity.

Put simply, HR3's kiosk is an incredibly versatile and powerful productivity tool that can start off as simple as an employee self service (ESS) portal, but then grow and extend its functionality as HR3 modules are added. 

Kiosk empowers your employees, line managers, team managers, HR managers, finance officers and workplace health & safety officers by providing them with “anytime / anywhere” access to the workflows, planners, calendars, alerts, management reports, business intelligence reports and enquiries to assist them in their day to day roles.

Talent and Human Resources Management

Add Human Resource (HR) capabilities to HR3 payroll with the hr software module.

Another key strength of the HR3 intelligent software suite is the wide range of add-on product modules that are available. One of these modules is the hr module. The hr module consists of many features and functions that can help your business manage and develop your employees such as employee events, skills, training and property. Comprehensive workflows allow you to direct relevant workflow information to relevant managers via the position based organisation chart.

Workplace Health & Safety

Does your company have clear Workplace Health & Safety processes in place ?

Workplace Health & Safety can be known by many acronyms such as WHS, OHS and HSEQ. Virtually any industry will benefit from having a well implemented whs system. Benefits include reduced workcover premiums, reduced lost time through injuries and incidents, reduced absenteeism and improved employee engagement.

Designed around standards such as AS 1885, AS/NZA 4810 and ISO 31000, the whs module includes hazards, incidents, plant and equipment, committees, audits, locations, documents (policies, safety data sheets etc) and more. As well as being an extremely powerful whs system in its own right, HR3's whs module has a huge benefit when compared to most other whs systems as it is a fully integrated component of the HR3 intelligent software suite.


"Anytime / anywhere" access to every HR3 software module via HR3's online cloud solution.

No matter which HR3 modules you purchase, you can access them via HR3’s cloud solution. Payroll, human resources, kiosk, workplace health & safety and advanced reporting are all available via your web browser from anywhere in the world. And you have the security of knowing that your data is secured in one of Australia's leading data centres and will always reside in Australia. There is no need to purchase software licenses outright, simply pay a monthly fee that covers software access, usage, storage, support and maintenance. Software updates are automatically deployed so manual installations become a thing of the past.



Pay as you go withholding payment summary annual report (ATO)

11-05-2017 V 12.0.1

Pay as you go withholding self print payment summary specification (ATO)

11-05-2017 V 5.2.2

Pay as you go withholding self print payment summary specification (ATO)

11-05-2017 V SPRINT

STP - Developing for Single Touch Payroll (ATO)

21-12-2017 V N/A

STP - Payroll event (ATO)

21-01-2019 V PAYEVNT.0003.2018

Tax File Number declaration electronic reporting (ATO)

11-05-2017 V 2.3.1


I have used HR3 for over two years and am very impressed with how well it meets our needs and every month I seem to learn more about its capabilities. The data explorer feature is superb. I hope I never change payroll systems again! One of the key aspects that keeps us engaged with this product is the outstanding team in customer service. I cannot recommend their product or their support team highly enough. Racquel Anderson - Wavelength International

Our company is new to the HR3pay and HR3kiosk systems and we find both programs very user friendly and easy to process. As a payroll officer one of the main differences noted from previous systems I have worked with is the efficiency and various selections of any reports we need to produce. We are also very impressed with the support department as we have never had a bad experience in contacting them for anything. We highly recommend either system to anyone. Gail Hart - Turbomeca

We have been using HR3 as a fully-integrated Payroll/HR and OHS system since 2010. HR3 was implemented with a minimum of fuss, and we were surprised with how ‘logical’ and ‘easy’ the system was to use. Once we had fully transitioned to the HR3 system we were able to monitor improved productivity from line managers and had much more accountable and transparent processes. We have also found the Service and Support Centre to be very helpful and responsive. Aimee Harding - Centacare Rockhampton