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 Your Complete HR Solution

recruit - roster - pay - compliance - report



  • Capture & manage all employee data
  • Self-managed employee profiles
  • Employee controlled automated, online Tax File Declaration Lodgement

Our applicant tracking feature allows you to quickly and effectively recruit new team members.  


  • Complete control of your online applications
  • Personalised screening & filter searching
  • Applicant tracking and job pooling

Interactive onboarding processes engage employees. Data collected during onboarding is used throughout the employment relationship. 

Job & Roster Creation

  •  Auto-fill job with best-fit employees via SMS
  • Geo-location capability solves for unplanned vacancies
  • Easy-to-use drag & drop roster creation
  • Real-time rostering allows labour cost management

Qualified, matched and available employees can be rostered, assigned or offered roles. SMS or email communications ensure rapid response times. Full roster costings are calculated in real time. 



  •  Automatically capture & store qualifications & licences
  • Record & monitor medical, health & safety information
  • Award & EBA interpretation, Tax & Fair Work compliant

Eligibility, right-to-work documentation, qualifications and license records ensures your workforce is compliant at all times. Your Platform’s record- keeping ensures you can demonstrate compliance on any day – past or future. 



  • Individual electronic & physical timesheets with automatic interpretation
  • Full allowances, re-imbursements & adjustments
  • ATO integration, group certificates, one touch payroll and superstream compliant
  • SBR Enabled Software

A complete payroll solution, your Platform automatically calculates employee pay based on approved timesheets and relevant awards or agreements. The Platform can be tailored to incorporate specific employment agreements, allowances and deductions.


  • Personalised dashboards with real-time data visibility
  • Efficiency & productivity benefits
  • Integration into accounting software
  • On-demand labour to budget reporting

Real-time dashboards allow employers to manage and allocate wages costs, identify staffing requirements and plan for the future.


foundU Clock

 foundU Clock enables employees to clock-on and clock-off their shifts to confirm roster details and support better record-keeping processes.

foundU is the first workforce management software company to release time and attendance functionality as a seamless element of its fully end-to-end workforce management platform. Clock-on and clock-off details are seamlessly transferred to timesheets and communicated with payroll following manager approval. 


Pay as you go withholding payment summary annual report (ATO)

05-01-2018 V 12.0.1

STP - Developing for Single Touch Payroll (ATO)

05-01-2018 V N/A

STP - Third party integrators (ATO)

05-01-2018 V N/A

Tax File Number declaration electronic reporting (ATO)

05-01-2018 V 2.3.1